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What do you need to do, to get the most out of your leads when exhibiting?


It’s pretty simple really… you need to plan.

We’ve broken down some very simple tasks for you to complete before, during and after the event.

Set your objectives
You will hopefully already have set your objectives for the show, but if not, do it now. They can be as simple as how many leads you want to capture (if you’re growing a mailing list for example), the value of prospects, or interest in certain products…the list could go on. By setting your objectives now, you’ll easily be able to measure how you performed at the event and prove your own return on investment or return on objectives.

Set your lead questions
You’ve set your objectives, so now set up the questions you want to ask leads as they come to your stand. With Visit Connect you can tailor questions specific to your business. For example, rate a lead if they’re hot or cold, assign a lead to a specific team member to follow up or select what products the visitor is interested in. Remember, some data is useful and some data is vital to your business, so make sure these questions are relevant to help you follow up more effectively.

Plan your follow up
This might sound odd doing this before the event, but you need someone to own the leads and the follow up process. This might not be yourself, so ensure the person that is taking ownership of the follow up knows how to access the leads and follows your plan effectively, so that your exhibiting experience is worthwhile! Otherwise… you may end up with thousands of pounds worth of lost business, just sitting in a list!
At show
Brief your on-site staff
It’s crucial that the staff you have on your stand, are aware of the lead capture process and what sort of information you’re trying to gather. You have invested a lot of time, effort and money in creating your presence at the event, so don’t be let down by not capturing the right information that could help your business grow!

Scan your leads / Create business!
This one is simple… ensure that your team are scanning leads and answering the questions you’ve set up, so that you can follow up effectively.
Post show
Everyone is tired following an event. They’ve been out of the office for a few days, probably had one too many at an exhibitor party (or parties!), but this is the most crucial time for your business after exhibiting.
Follow up!

80% of leads taken at a show are typically not followed up on. Can you afford to throw away £8,000, £80,000 or £800,000 worth of business? I’m pretty sure that if my boss knew I was throwing away that value of leads every time we exhibited, I wouldn’t be writing this today! So ensure your follow up plan is followed and continually asses the leads post event to ensure greater success!
Measure your ROI

If your objective was to “sell sell sell” at the event, you can easily measure you return on investment. Take your revenue, divide it by your costs and there’s your ROI. Not everyone is looking at return on investment, some might have set different objectives such as growing a mailing list or conducting research / feedback on a new product. Whatever your objective of exhibiting was, make sure you can measure the impact the show has had on your set objectives so that you can prove how the event worked for you. Tip…this is also useful when the sales team come back to ask you to rebook your stand!
If you have any other questions on Visit Connect or how it works, please head over to our Exhibitors page for more details.

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