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Give your exhibition stand a competitive edge


The smarter booth concept uses Visit technology for lead generation and engagement. Visitors engage with your stand via Visit Touchpoints using their smart badge, while at the same time sharing their contact information.


How it works

Making exhibits interactive with touchpoints

Your stand is equipped with touchpoints: Small NFC readers that collect digital content in real-time and provide a fully interactive experience for both you and attendees. These touchpoints collect details from all attendees who touch them, giving you a convenient, interactive lead generation solution.

You can scale your integration of these touchpoints to fit your stand. Installation can be as modest as a single touchpoint — or they can be integrated throughout your build to create a more engaging experience for everyone.


A new way for visitors to interact with exhibitors

As they enter your stand, attendees register for a smart badge that becomes their personal engagement device. They can interact with touchpoints, collect content via touch and share their contact details. Post-event, they can also log in to their customised attendee portal to download all the information they’ve collected.

Post-event reports

As an exhibitor, you’ll be able to see precisely who has collected content and exactly what content was popular. This is via your own customised exhibitor portal. Spreadsheets can be pulled that detail your metrics, that then feed into your sales team’s CRMs.


Visitors can experience

  • A more engaging stand driven by interactions with physical touchpoints

  • A thoroughly informed stand experience as they learn about your company through interactions

  • A digital experience, unburdened by heavy brochures and corporate collateral

Exhibit organisers gain

  • A lead generation solution based on qualified interest and a bi-directional exchange of content and contact details

  • An interactive and engaging stand experience for your visitors that marries the physical and digital event spaces

  • Visitors physically engaging with your stand, your sales teams and your company story

  • An easier distribution of sales literature through the Visit Touchpoints

  • Richer insight into the behavioural patterns of your attendees

  • Cross-event metrics that compare ROI across various campaigns