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We offer you a robust, scalable, end to end SaaS solution that delivers bespoke registration and ticketing experiences across your event portfolio.

The great advantage of Visit by GES is its modular set-up. You can configure Visit to suit your needs. With Visit you will always be at the cutting edge, where innovation inspires excellence.

Advanced e-Commerce
Our Advanced e-Commerce module is ideal if you want to offer tailored incentives and promotions to individuals or selected groups. You can easily create ‘early bird’ incentives, 2 for 1 promotions or group booking discounts. You can offer bundled packages to encourage attendance to other events in your portfolio. You can incentivise your exhibitors and media partners to invite their clients at reduced rates, via codes and vouchers.
And you can track when and where these offers are redeemed, to help you improve your promotional campaigns in future. You can set up unlimited shops, products & items. You can decide whether codes should be redeemed just once or be valid for multiple redemption. You can direct the registrant to the correct shop, depending on who he is, his demographic profile, which promotion he has responded to, or which exhibitor invited him. The combinations are endless! Our Advanced e-Commerce module is designed to help you grow your event revenues. And, if particular products are in short supply (eg seats in a seminar theatre or tickets to a Gala Evening), you can use this module to manage stock items too.
Central visitor database
Visit places all of your visitor & prospect data at the heart of your business - all in one database, accessible in real time from anywhere in the world. With a holistic view, enterprise wide, your data management processes can be transformed.
Now, you can mine your data assets to maximise the impact of your promotional campaigns and personalise the delivery of your client care services to the individual. You can easily find an individual’s attendance history, by year, or across a portfolio of events. You can easily filter the data to isolate a particular group to receive a personalised promotional offer.
You can analyse trends - by visitor group, by event, by portfolio, by region, by date - the options are endless… Your data is your gold. With Visit, you can release its potential and realise its value!
Data quality
The Data Quality module helps ensure that the most accurate and consistent data is collected from registrants. Data Quality compares the data to an extensive and high-quality data file, making corrections wherever necessary. A standardised, consistent data capture process is the end result.
Data is available from an ever-growing list of countries, including UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria and Finland.
An e-badge is a badge that is delivered via email to an attendee upon successful completion of their registration process. Think just like an airline ticket that you print at home and take with you to the airport.
Within the email, the attendee is able to click the link, to download their badge as a PDF to print at home / office and bring with them to gain access to the event.
Email marketing
Visit offers an integrated e-marketing system to help you increase pre-registration volumes and ensure that they attend the event. You can take control of your promotional campaigns and deliver personalised messages at the click of a button.
With full HTML design capabilities, our e-marketing suite helps you bring your brand to life and inspire your buyer and seller communities to engage with it. You can even speed the registration process itself by simply pre-populating each prospect file and inviting respondent to activate their badge. Quick, easy and accurate - our e-marketing tools enable you to get the most out of your data at every stage.
Group registration
The Group Registration module speeds the registration process by enabling visitors to register as many colleagues as they wish. Data need only be keyed once and is then shared by all in the Group.
You can determine the maximum Group size and set the rules for data collection, switching on mandatory fields as required. The main registrant will receive an auto-confirmation e-mail along with the necessary information for the other Visitors they have registered. This module is ideal for Hosted Buyers and VIP campaigns!
Every visitor wants to make the best use of their time when at events. They wish to attend the most relevant seminars and workshops; meet those exhibitors that offer compelling products and services; and network with other visitors to share ideas.
Our Matching module enables visitors to automatically pre-plan their visit based on their demographic profile. The system recommends the seminars best suited to their needs, suggests those exhibitors with solutions likely to be of interest and encourages interaction with visitors sharing similar profiles. Visitors that pre-plan their visit are most likely to attend!
Service centre
The Service Centre puts you in control of your customer experience. You can view your registration and prospect data, in real time. You can answer queries, add, edit and enhance records, process payments, re-send confirmations and modify e-invoices and receipts.
You can see how your visitors registered, when they did it and for which events. Or you can task temporary staff or 3rd party agencies to act on your behalf. Simply assign a new user on the system and set their access rights accordingly. The Service Centre also enables you to perform in- & out-bound telemarketing campaigns. You can filter prospect data, import target lists, run reports – customer service provision at your fingertips.
Social media registration
Gleanin's deep integration with Visit by GES now makes it easy for you to increase your registrations and attendance with almost no effort! Visitors can choose to register socially and forms are automatically pre-filled. Our system verifies data and ensures all mandatory fields are completed prior to submission.
All registrants, whether registered socially or not, are encouraged to broadcast their attendance and invite their network of contacts to register for your event, delivering new registrations and helping your event go viral!

Click here for the demo!
Staff - exhibitor personnel
Exhibitors often find the task of keying name badges for their stand personnel to be a laborious task.
Our staff module simplifies and automates much of the work. Now, your exhibitors can log in, verify their data and automatically receive a confirmation message with personal barcodes for each of their colleagues. The barcodes can be scanned at the event to enable them to collect their badges immediately.
Verification & vetting
Sometimes, you may need to restrict admittance to your events. Whether it is a minimum age to a consumer show or trade buyer status to a trade fair, our verification and vetting tool is ideal. You can stipulate the rules and authorize requests prior to confirming registration status on a case by case basis. If verified, the visitor will receive a confirmation voucher. If not, he or she will get an e-mail including your message that their request has been declined and instructions on what, if anything, to do next.
And of course, this module can be used to positively vet registrants. Many of our clients use it to auto-upgrade registrants, offering them an enhanced visitor profile and benefits such as access to certain conference sessions or catering facilities.
Visit Partner
Visit Partner is designed to empower your exhibitors to invite their customers to see them at your event. By simply integrating a personalised URL of your registration form within their e-mails, newsletters and web site, exhibitors can begin the process of capturing sales leads even before the event opens. And they can access their prospect data, by logging into the portal, to make appointments during the show and ensure that the right people are on the stand to greet them.
Visit Partner enables your event to ‘go viral’. Your pre-registration numbers will increase and more of them will attend, simply because the relationship between buyers and sellers is strong.