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Put your visitors in control of their event experience

With Visit, visitors can see who in their network is attending your event, grow their audience and create their own personal digital briefcase of contacts, exhibitors and content.



What can you expect from Visit?

Event registration, engagement and data intelligence

  • Smart badges – Every visitor can create their own digital briefcase of contacts, exhibitors and content they’ve interacted with around your event

  • Bespoke registration pages – Personal pages branded to your event website that include conditional questionnaires that capture your registrants’ demographic profiles

  • Worldwide delivery – Visit can deliver any size or type of event, in any language, currency or country

  • Enterprise-wide – You can access your data, year-round

  • Total connectivity – Registration forms and payment portals from anywhere, all in real-time

  • Social interaction – Empower your visitors to register via their social media accounts and see your event go viral

  • Visit Partner – A portal for your exhibitors and sponsors to invite and inspire their customers to attend your event, and also manage their won stand staff registrations

  • Compliancy – Visit delivers DP and PCI-compliant data across the globe

  • Empowerment – Take control of your event with our scalable service. You can choose a fully managed service, or something in between — whatever fits your event!


How does it work?

Visit is an online, enterprise-wide application that enables you, the event organiser, to interact with your visitors and exhibitors — and them with each other. The system delivers campaign-ready data by optimising the data capture process throughout your event.

Whether you use it for registration or ticketing, Visit enables you to personalise the visitor experience at your event. Using our ‘go viral’ tools, you’ll see your audience, and your event, grow.