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A seamless and optimised experience

With a robust registration, visitor and exhibitor engagement solution, we deliver truly smart exhibitions, anywhere in the world. The Smart Exhibition incorporates visitor registration, visitor engagement, exhibitor lead generation and organiser intelligence.



Visitor Registration

Take control over every aspect of your registration campaign and welcome experience with Visit by GES. Mine your data to prove the value of your events, and ensure that your brand remains at the heart of the community it serves.

No matter the region, language or currency, you can deliver targeted, personalised visitor registration campaigns that get results. Audiences are engaged and their attendance assured.

Visit offers:

  • Bespoke registration pages - branded to your event with your own conditional questionnaire(s)

  • Worldwide Delivery - any size or type of event in any language, currency or country

  • Enterprise wide - touch and feel your data, year round

  • Total connectivity - to your data, from anywhere, in real-time


Visitor Engagement

Empower your visitors to customise their exhibition experience. Social media broadcasts their interest in your exhibition, letting your visitors engage with their peers and register to attend through a personalised registration system.

Our Smart Badge visitor engagement empowers visitors to take control of their experience, actively engage with exhibitors and show features, collect digital content (brochures, videos, PDF’s) and choose who they share contact details with.

Working as a digital briefcase to an event, the Smart Badge incorporates NFC technology to track visitor interaction and enable collection of digital content with 100% audience adoption — not only making their experience seamless, but also helping you better understand their behaviour and footsteps.


360° lead generation

Equip your exhibitors with the tools they need before, during and after your exhibition. Our multi award winning suite of exhibitor lead capture tools drives interaction, comprised of Visit Connect (mobile lead collection app)  and Connect Touchpoints (NFC readers), enabling exhibitors to not miss an opportunity on the show floor.

Exhibitors will have total control over their sales and lead management process, ROI pipeline, pre-show lead generation and stand staff registrations.

Together, Visit Connect and Connect Touchpoints enable your exhibitors to easily and effectively follow up on leads in real-time. We put them in charge of their exhibiting ROI



Visit Intelligence

Visit Intelligence is your real-time event dashboard. Asking questions you didn’t know could be asked, and giving you the answers you need in real-time,

When visitors navigate your event using Connect Touchpoints and exhibitors utilise Visit Connect, the Visit Intelligence dashboard gives you an overview of all your exhibitors’ interactions and successes — in real-time and across the exhibition floor. With unparalleled insight into your event, you have control over the value of your exhibition.

Global delivery, local support

With offices in Chicago, London, Haarlem and Dubai, we can offer you global services delivered by local teams. Wherever you are in the world, we provide consistent customer and software experience, supported by teams who deliver events of every shape and size.

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The welcome experience

We’ve delivered over 1,100 events and welcomed 3.86 million registrations in over 69 countries. Our on-site, plug-and-play software is proven to deliver. Simply boot the dongle provided into your PC or laptop and choose your desired setting — SelfReg, Scan & Go, Manned Reg or Access Control — to deliver a seamless welcome experience that keeps you in control.

We can deploy a range of badging solutions including e-badges, which delegates can print in advance (saving you money on badge stock, terminals & staffing) or utilise “smart badges” to stimulate interaction and measure engagement.

Visit Modules

As a modular SaaS system, you choose the elements most important to you. You can configure the system to suit your needs and create a solution that delivers bespoke registration and ticketing experiences across your event portfolio. As technology evolves, so will our modules. With Visit you will always be at the cutting edge, where innovation inspires excellence.

Visit Modules